Team Building
INVINCIBLE offers a powerful and unique team building experience because engaging in this activity requires trust above all other things. Knife training is “the act of personal bonding in which physical skill is the byproduct”.

Knife training both demands and develops natural bonding between practice partners because skill development is dependent upon mutual trust. In addition to rubberized training knives and eye protection, training starts slowly and deliberately to maintain safety at all times. Speed will increase, only in small increments, and only when both agree to, so neither ever feels unsafe.

In addition to all its benefits, knife training is fun. People always enjoy the mock duels with the same excitement we had playing tag as children. Everyone participates according to their ability and anyone can select not to participate in any activity to ensure everyone’s positive experience.

Besides the personal trust developed in knife training, Tom believes this activity, more than any other, diminishes bias and engenders mutual respect for all people. Indifferent to age, gender, race, culture, or any other social classification, knives are great equalizers of physical disparity because they work equally well for everyone, on everyone.

INVINCIBLE Team Building gives each participant a powerful experience that defines and aligns their values (pure heart) with their thinking (mental clarity) and improves their interaction with others (better actions) while building trust and empowerment in a way that is only possible through this unique activity.