Tom Sotis offers an unparalleled platform of high-performance coaching by combining two of the world’s most powerful methods of personal development.

A certified Reiss Motivation Profile™ Master and the world’s foremost coach for knife combat, Tom delivers insight into our deepest psychological drivers combined with unique physical practices for superior performance under the highest types of stress.

Designed specifically for top athletes and special operatives, never before have these two elements of mental and physical performance been combined to develop human potential to such an exceptional degree.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is the first scientific test that provides a concrete, detailed image of a person’s individual basic desires, motives, and values. The RMP is capable of producing several billion variations that, unlike similar psychological tests that merely categorize behavior, provides a personality profile as unique as your own fingerprint!

Tom’s method of physical culture, presently utilized within the special operations and intelligence communities, incorporates the neurological approach of Decisional Training utilizing visual and attention control with additional components particular to prevailing in life-or-death combat.

Tom states unequivocally that it is possible to be invincible. Tom does not believe in sustained invincibility, but he is certain that momentary invincibility exists, and anyone who has ever played high-level competitive sports experiences rare moments where they perform amazing physical feats with flawless execution. These are moments of invincibility and Tom’s coaching method is designed to increase the frequency and duration of those moments. Invincibility is indeed rare but it is perfectly natural and achievable.

No other performance coach in the world has Tom’s distinctive credentials and experience and if you have not worked with him, you have not explored every option in developing your personal potential.