Tom is an engaging speaker with a unique background of compelling true-life experiences who shares valuable life lessons learned from his adventures while traveling, studying, teaching, and fighting in some of the world’s most dangerous places.

When speaking, Tom brings listeners into his experience with vivid recollections and thoughtful reflections that provide insight into the mind of one of the world’s most lethal men. Tom openly shares life lessons learned from bounty hunting and street fighting in Los Angeles, California, and hard lessons from working undercover in Mexico.

Tom often relates events from when, not long after the Berlin Wall came down, he was one of the very first Americans to travel deep behind the “iron curtain” in Russia and was challenged by the famed Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces. Another popular topic, Tom relates the stories and lessons from his travels to the Philippines where he studied several systems of knifefighting and became the first American to have his knife system recognized by the old masters.

Tom shares adventures from teaching in South Africa where he went on patrol with high-speed reaction units, and from other journeys, like facing challengers high in the majestic mountains near Mt. Everest in Nepal. Listeners are usually surprised to learn that, even in the USA, on rare occasions, duels with real weapons still occur, and Tom shares the details of fighting in one of these duels.

Tom captivates listeners with his energy and passion, and speaking from his heart with unflinching honesty, shares his fears and triumphs through the remarkable experiences of his life. Tom is one of the most stimulating and authentic speakers with fascinating stories that listeners are sure to enjoy.